Legendary security guard calls it a career

Security guard Gregg Melvin will be retiring after the end of the current school year. He served the staff and students both here and at Wheaton High.
Melvin is widely known as the “man with the mustache,” making appearances at sporting events, in School Suspensions, and classrooms if you’re unfortunate. To some, he is someone to be cautious of, but to most he is a friend. It’s a common sight to see Melvin talking with students, sharing a joke or two. Melvin has a lot of character being so widely known and friendly, he is a staple of the community. Melvin said he loves the student aspect of his job. “What I’ll miss most will be the interaction with kids,” he said. Melvin also kept the school safe.
He busted dealers who sold dangerous substances, stopped fights, responded to conflicts, and checked reports of suspicious persons on school property. Melvin is ready for his retirement, counting down the days even. Jokingly, he showed off a card behind his Security ID that has the number of days left. Despite this, he constantly emphasizes how much he still does like the community. Although post retirement can be tricky, having to find what to do with one’s time, is not an issue for Melvin. “I’ll be visiting the golf course daily, I love to golf,” Melvin said Students will feel his absence deeply.
He has developed a sort of following here, making time to socialise with the students who have made him friends. “Gregg is the man and I will miss him deeply,” junior Sara. Cohn said. The valuable presence of a good person is often not realised until they are gone. It’s no doubt Melvin will be remembered as a good man, and that memory will endure. Although he has caught students, they still have a good relationships with them because of the person he is. “I will always identify Gregg as a key component of my high school experience. Although he has caught me, I still have a great relationship with him because I can talk to him about anything on my mind,” junior James Lee said.
By far the security staff will feel his absence most. “As head of the security, Melvin is looked up to as a role model to not only to the other security guards but also students as well. “He is one of the most resourceful people I know, he has a great moral fiber and does everything by the book. He is a great person in general,” security guard Chris said. It’s a bittersweet event to lose a great colleague. “I hope the replacement for Gregg is just as good as him and friendly,” junior Spencer Tritto said.
The Wootton community will miss Melvin for his witty sense of humor and his ability to make students feel safe.

Jared Epstein

Staff Writer

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