Bocce team wins counties, progresses to states

The bocce team has once again wrapped up both the division and conference championships and is now looking to add another state title to their list of accomplishments.
After successfully navigating their way through a tough divisional tournament as well as a tough county championship, the bocce team is gearing up for a run at the bocce state championship. In the county tournament they played RM, who they had already faced earlier in the season and had come away with a victory. They went on to beat RM again this time, winning the match 16-4. Their next opponent was the biggest rival, Churchill. They beat Churchill to take the divisional crown once again.
Their next feat came when they had to play their way through the county tournament, which had a much more expanded field than the divisional tournament. This expanded field included teams they hadn’t played yet this year such as Northwest, Paint Branch, Springbrook, Wheaton,Clarksburg and eventual county runner up Northwood.“It felt really good to go out there and win, coach McMahon has coached the team phenomenally well and has really lead us to winning both the division and the county championship,” senior co-captain Derrick Daoust said.
For those who don’t know, Bocce is a game similar to shuffleboard but uses balls instead. It is played between two teams at a time. First there is a coin toss to determine which team will roll the “pallina,” which is a small yellow ball that becomes the target for the teams to get as close as possible to. Each team rolls and they alternate back and forth while wanting to get as close as possible to the pallina. The closer you get to the pallina the more points your team is awarded.
The entire season the team has gotten exceptional play from senior co-captains Derrick Daoust and Alex Gleicher, as well as sophomore Brian Myers. This trend didn’t stop in the playoffs, where their outstanding performances continued.
“This season has been really successful and really rewarding, we’ve played well and had fun while doing it,” Daoust said.
The state tournament is on Feb 15 and the team is currently getting ready for it as they look to make a deep run once again. The tournament will be covered in the next issue.

Sam Greene

Sports Editor

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