Towson holds annual acceptance assembly

On Dec. 15, at the start of fourth period, numerous nervous seniors congregated in the media center. Some had theories as to the purpose of their assembly, yet several were unsure as to the nature of the meeting. Expressions of joy and relief filled the crowd as an admissions representative alongside College Counselor Lynda Hitchcock raised the “Congratulations! You are going to college sign,” for all to see.
Each admitted senior was called up one by one to shake the hand of Associate Director of Admissions Jennifer Ziegenfus as they received their acceptance letters. “Towson University contacted Wootton for the first time last year to surprise seniors on their acceptance. We originally chose the school because of the consistency in sending exceptional students to TU each year. After seeing the excitement and energy following the day, we decide to continue the tradition again for the Class of 2017,” Ziegenfus said.
For the second year in a row, applicants did not have to wait for a generic letter in the mail or an email sent to a massive list of fellow applicants. Students accepted to Towson got a handshake with an individual who directly impacted their path over the coming four years and a slice of cake as the cherry on top.

Josh Friedman

Opinion Editor

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