Give some kudos to Okudo: Nabila Okudo: Future Business Leaders of America initiator

Most people wait for opportunities to come to them, but Nabila Okudo creates them for herself. Only a junior in high school, Okudo is a member of Minority Scholars Program, Action Squad, National Art Honors Society, National Honors Society and SGA. Along with all of these clubs, she has started and runs the Future Business Leaders of America club here.
Okudo has always had a fascination with business and its impact on the world. Upon hearing about other schools’ Future Business Leaders of America, she wanted to join but learned that there was not one here. So, she decided to start it herself.
The club offers education to those who are interested in pursuing business in the future. “It’s a way for business-minded students to meet up and learn more about the business world and its different aspects,” Okudo said. “So it includes public speaking, career choices, different majors that are business-related.”
The sponsor of Future Business Leaders of America, Lesley Stroot, commends Okudo for her hard work and ability to take initiative. “She reached out [last spring] and said she was interested in starting the club, and she’s been the one who has really done everything. She’s enthusiastic, well organized, and one of the most positive kids I have ever talked to. Once you meet her you are welcomed into her world, she is phenomenal,” Stroot said.
Okudo has had a great time with the clubs she’s in. SGA has given her the opportunity to plan major school events, as well as create new relationships. “I love being a part of SGA because of the friends I’ve made and it’s rewarding to see our projects knowing the work we’ve put into them,” Okudo said.
In NAHS Okudo gets to explore her talent in painting as well as participate in art projects with people who are also interested in the subject. Particular things she has enjoyed doing with NAHS are painting portraits for children from other countries a few years back, and in this past year they made murals for the nurses’ office.
MSP also is a club that Okudo has enjoyed. “I love MSP because it gives minority students a place to meet and discuss prevalent issues. This year I became a mentor so I’m really excited to help out a younger kid,” Okudo said.
Along with all of these interests and experiences, Okudo had the ability to go to a law camp in Louisiana this past summer on a scholarship with Aunt Berta’s Kid’s Education foundation. She described the experience as being “intense” and “a lot of work.” However, she found the experience very rewarding. “A lot of people want to be lawyers for pay [and] prestige but during the program I learned that you have to be truly passionate about law and justice in order to be a good lawyer. It’s something that requires a lot of hard work and stress but if you’re dedicated to winning your case the satisfaction of winning will mean more than your paycheck,” Okudo said.
Along with the newly gained knowledge she also had the ability to explore New Orleans in the free time the camp provided.
In addition to her many education-related clubs she’s also a member of the track team. She has been on the varsity team since her freshman year and she specializes in the 100, 200, and 400 meter races, as well as the 4 x 100, 4 x 200 and sometimes the 4 x 400 meter relays. Okudo loves the action at the meets and the ability to cheer for her friends, while also bonding with a large group of people.
Other interests of Okudo also include traveling, spending time with her friends and family, as well as painting and watching movies.


Sarah Fagan

Profiles Editor

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