March 2020 trends sparks memories


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

Whipped coffee takes over home kitchens as well as coffee shops.

Whipped coffee? Neighborhood walks? Cloud bread? Do any ring a bell of hardcore quarantine times? Last March was the start of new trends that kept people of all ages busy while having to stay locked up in their houses.

I remember starting my morning every day before school with this whipped coffee.”

— Amanda Slud

One major trend of last March was whipped coffee also known as Dalgona coffee. This coffee consists of whipping up instant coffee, sugar and hot water to make a fluffy coffee whip. This is then mixed into milk to create a foamy, fluffy textured coffee. This trend started on TikTok where tutorials and final products would be posted and shared. “I remember starting my morning every day before school with this whipped coffee. I had never been a big fan of coffee but this one definitely hit the spot for me,” junior Amanda Slud said.

Another major trend of last March was cloud bread. Cloud bread consists of three ingredients and comes out of the oven looking like a fluffy cloud as described in the name. Tik Tok content creators would add food coloring to the bread as well to make it even more visually appealing.

TV shows were also a big hit last March as they were able to keep people entertained for hours on end. Netflix and Hulu were constantly releasing new shows despite there being a pandemic. The show Tiger King as well as Outer Banks were the talk of the town in March.

Another big trend was tie-dying clothing. People started going crazy with tie-dying everything in sight. The most popular was set suits that could be worn as loungewear or casual outing wear. Small businesses and Instagram accounts were created to sell these items as a fun activity but also a way to make profit. “I remember everyone was creating platforms to sell clothes they were tie-dying and it was so fun to try out my artistic side with some art,” senior Rozhin Fadae said.

At the beginning of quarantine, different kinds of animals were being purchased more than ever. “I have always been a dog lover and it was so fun seeing all the new pets everyone was buying,” senior Jordyn Delo said.

Although these trends hit their peak a year ago, some are currently still implementing these trends.