Students work for change in the new year


Photo courtesy Katie Wood

Junior Katie Wood pledges to drink 70 oz. of water a day in 2021. Her new water bottle holds that same amount.

When Jan. 1 looms closer, students hope for a change in themselves and their futures. New Year’s resolutions are a great way to hold oneself accountable for the change that you want. However, it is one thing to write down a long list of resolutions and it is another to actually stick to them. 

New Year’s resolutions that students tend to make are: eat healthier, get more exercise, read more, get more sleep and spend more time with their family. But students also have more personal goals as well. “I am going to try my best to find time for everyone and every plan, but also keep in mind it’s OK to have a lazy day if it gets too overwhelming. Once doing things we used to do gets safer, I am always going to say yes to plans. Whether it is a hangout with a group of people or a friend just asking for company while running an errand,” senior Jillian Pohoryles said. 

Being able to recognize things we already do well, but know that we can always do better, is another way to know if you picked beneficial resolutions. “I would like to continue to be the friendly face people see in a crowd. I already work hard to befriend people and be a trustworthy person that people can count on, but with college soon, everyone is in the same boat with not knowing many people and are likely feeling isolated due to Covid,” Pohoryles said. 

I am trying to drink a gallon of water a day and go to bed at 11 each night…”

— Jonathan Healy

Health has become a big focus over quarantine and it is a good idea to make beneficial changes in your health habits this new year. Students commonly strive to drink more water. “I am trying to drink a gallon of water a day and go to bed at 11 each night. I want to have a more consistent routine and these two things are going to help me do that,” senior Jonathan Healy said.

Junior Katie Wood also pledges to drink more water. “I am going to try and drink at least 70 oz of water a day and I got a new water bottle that holds that amount to help me track it.” 

Online school days starting later gives students the opportunity to create a good sleep schedule. “One of my new year’s resolutions is to establish a consistent sleeping schedule. I’ve been going to bed really late, causing me to be really tired during the day. My plan is to put my phone down by 9:30 to eliminate distractions,” senior Sean Kim said. 

A classic new year’s resolution is to get more exercise. While it is usually dropped within the first few weeks, if you can stick with it and enjoy it, it is a great change to make in your life. One tip to sticking with a new fitness routine is to get a friend or family member to work beside you and hold each other accountable.  “My new year’s resolution is to exercise more. I plan to stick to it by making a schedule and having my sister hold me accountable,” senior Liron Gamliel said.