Goodbye to summer, hello to winter clothes


Betty Berhane, News Editor

As the weather gets colder, summer clothes are being stored away and winter clothes are returning once again. Shorts are replaced with sweatpants, T-shirts with hoodies and flip flops for boots. But what is the most popular winter fashion this upcoming season?

A must-have for girls is teddy jackets, otherwise known as sherpa jackets. These big, fluffy jackets are so soft that it feels as though you are hugging a teddy bear. They are warm and snuggly and come in a variety of colors from beige to black. Stores such as American Eagle and Urban Outfitters carry them as well as online stores like Romwe or Amazon. “I love my teddy jacket. It keeps me warm and comfortable during the day,” junior Liya Bogale said.

Another piece of winter fashion is UGG slippers. A slipper version of the popular Australian boots, these shoes keep your toes nice and cozy with the fuzzy sheepskin interior. They also come in a large number of colors and patterns. “I like wearing my UGG slippers because they go well with everything while keeping me warm. I sometimes prefer them over my UGG boots because they don’t make my outfit look as heavy and I can also wear them in the fall,” junior Vicky Thomas said.

For men’s footwear, male UGGS, informally called muggs, are also popular. These boots are similar to women’s UGGS except that they are shorter, bulkier and have laces. They also come in different colors and in a slipper version that look similar to the brand Sperry. “I don’t have mugg boots right now but I really want them. I have the slipper version in gray but I want the black muggs because I think they would look tough with most of my outfits. Plus they’re warm so my feet won’t be as cold,” junior Minnyi U said.

A fashion forward clothing for men in the winter is flannels. Flannels are plaid button down shirts that come in tons of colors. These shirts are normally worn with khakis or gray sweatpants- another popular piece of clothing during the winter season. “My flannel-hoodie combo is lethal. That’s a small part of the sauce but it makes the drip run like a broken faucet,” senior Kobe Frimpong said.

Timberland boots are a popular winter shoe. These stylish boots come in different shades of gray, black, brown and even colors like purple. These boots have laces and a heel that adds height. “I like timbs because you can wear them with a hoodie and look good but also with a nice sweater and jeans and still look good,” sophomore Maya Chelar said.