Team continues to win after perfect regular season


Josh Levine, Staff Writer

The boys’ tennis team finished their undefeated season by winning the division one title in Montgomery County. The team plans to continue their streak of success throughout the county, regional and state tournaments.

The county tournament started on May 6 at numerous locations throughout the county. The Patriots’ lineup for the county tournament is freshman Jakob Esterowitz at singles one, senior Nick Huynh at singles two, junior Alex Yeh at singles three, and junior Simon Huynh at singles four. The Patriots’ doubles lineup includes junior Daniel Zhang and sophomore Owen Mattus at doubles one, sophomores Mikey Fellman and Ryan Meyer at doubles two, and sophomore Alec Jung and freshman Jason Wang at doubles three.

Due to the boys’ success during the regular season, their seeds are going to help them out during the early rounds of the county tournament. Esterowitz received the third seed after losing two matches during the regular season. Nick Huynh, Alex Yeh, and Simon Huynh received the second seed after losing one match during the regular season. The Patriots’ dominant doubles teams all received the first seed after not losing a match throughout the whole season. “Our constant doubles success has been the key to our team victories throughout the regular season and hopefully during the post season too,” Zhang said.

The Patriots all dominated their opponents throughout the early rounds of the tournament. It wasn’t until the semi-finals that Esterowitz lost to the number two seed, senior Matt Kleiman from Richard Montgomery. At four singles, Simon Huynh lost to the number one seed Kevan Nathani from Walt Whitman in the finals. The doubles three team, Wang and Jung, lost to Noah Kupinsky and Tsach Mackey from Churchill in the finals. “It was a tough loss, but good overall performance. Regionals and States are coming up soon, so we need to start thinking about that,” junior Simon Huynh said.

Nick Huynh and Yeh are the singles two and four county champions. Nick Huynh defeated Justin Song from Richard Montgomery in the finals, and Yeh beat Hugh Markham from Walt Whitman in the finals. Zhang and Owen Matus both won their first county championship against Alex Chen and BC Wang from Walt Whitman. Fellman and Meyer both won their second county championship together beating BCC’s Garrick Adams and Calum Fraser. “It’s really cool to win counties two times in a row, especially with Mikey. We both had a great season and are ready to help the team out in any way possible during regionals and states,” Meyer said.

The Patriots compete in the regional tournament starting on May 15 at Walter Johnson.