Robeks opens on Research Row, providing students, families with healthy options


Melanie Roberts, Commons Editor

With our generation being more health conscious than ever, it is no surprise that we value a good workout session. What’s better than getting a healthy snack to follow up that strenuous workout?

Robeks, the fresh juice, smoothie, and acai bowl franchise founded in Los Angeles is coming to Research Row, not more than a mile away from this school. It will join the likes of OneLife Fitness and Chick-Fil-A and plans to open later this month.

The building process has been a long one, but the store has been keeping the community up to date with the situation day-to-day on its Instagram page, @robeks_rockville. The page is currently being managed by their Social Media Ambassador, senior Kristina Tsakos but they will be looking for a new ambassador after she graduates this year.

The company prides itself on being health conscious, with their menu divided into “Performance Smoothies,” “Low-Calorie Smoothies” and “Wellness Smoothies.” Their menu also offers juices, wellness shots and acai bowls, all of which are targeted to a healthy audience. “Robeks is aware that people are searching for specific things in their diet that make them feel good – not everyone just wants a heap of fruit thrown into a blender. They make special options because they know that their customers have special wants. Certain foods do different things for the body, so the different categories help customers understand which smoothies will assist them with what they’re looking for,” Tsakos said.
In addition to being conveniently located close by, a lot of their team is made up of students from this school. If you go to the Robeks, there is a good possibility that you’ll see a familiar face or two. “A portion of our team is composed of Wootton students, so by supporting Robeks you’re also supporting Wootton students. It’s a clean and fun environment to be in with other students around,” Tsakos said.

It seems that Robeks’ location is deliberate in its choice, providing an ideal post-workout hangout, along with adding another food place to our limited list of options. “It’s perfect for fuel on your way to the gym or a protein builder for after. When you go the gym, you get this feeling like you want to stay healthy, and Robeks helps sustain that feeling. As for it being close to Wootton, it provides a healthy breakfast for those on their way to school, or a yummy after-school snack,” Tsakos said.

For a lot of OneLife Fitness members, this addition to Research Row is a big source of excitement. “I go to the gym everyday and have to drive a while to get to a good after-workout snack, so having Robeks in the same complex is going to be great for me, as well as all of the other gym-goers,” senior Lily Parker said.

With the continuing additions to Research Row, a lot of possibilities are opening up to students who don’t want to travel far for a good snack. Having a closer after-school hangout place has been something that we have been missing out on, but with the addition of Robeks and other places to Research Row, perhaps this complex will become that for us. Regardless, the opening of Robeks is sure to make our food options healthier, as well as add a vital contribution to our community.