Exploring income alternatives to part-time jobs

Christina Liu, Front Page Editor

In a jam? Need some cash, fast? Here are some quick, easy ways to make money:

Sell clothing or books:

Selling clothing in fairly good condition on social media to friends is one of the most common ways students make fast cash, and with the arrival of apps such as Poshmark, it makes it possible to start selling to others around the country. Doing this can help clear your closet of old or small clothes while putting some extra weight into your wallet.
“I like using my closet account on Instagram because it’s super convenient,” sophomore Madelyn Yi said. “The people I’m selling to are typically within the area so it’s a win-win too.”

Amazon also makes it easy to sell new or slightly used textbooks and technology for more than a few bucks.

Tutor students:

Parents are always willing to invest in their children’s future, and if you know excel in a specific subject such as math, foreign languages or sciences, you could tutor for cash. Programs such as Kumon also hire high school students to tutor elementary schoolers for a fixed pay, but being a freelance tutor would allow you to charge your own price.
“There are so many children and families that are looking for academic resources in our area so it’s really easy to find someone to tutor,” sophomore Janani Ilangoven said. “If you don’t want to go ask around, you can work with Kumon too.”

Giving music lessons to seniors or children in your community is another way as well.

Help out the community:

Walking dogs, mowing your neighbor’s lawns, helping with home gardening, taking on house cleaning jobs, babysitting and offering to decorate homes for the holidays are all simple ways to make money without needing to travel far from home. Hanging up flyers or putting up signs are easy ways to get people to know that you are offering these services.

“Babysitting is an easy way to make money and most times you are able to charge your own amount,” sophomore Merril Heitz said. “I prefer babysitting over other types of work because it’s an easier task and I can also get some of my own work done while the kids are asleep.”

Helping out around your community can be done during any season too. Raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter, gardening in the spring or babysitting in the summer are great seasonal jobs.

Online surveys:

Multiple companies pay people to share their opinions on products and objects, and although the pay is modest, multiple reviews and participating frequently can add up to be quite a bit. Websites such as Survey Junkie use a point per survey system, and 100 points is equivalent to $1 Users can make $2 from just setting up a profile from the comfort of their own home.