Online Exclusive: Task of finding college roommate examined

Adam Friedman, Staff Writer

Picking college roommates can be a dangerous task. You will be living with the person you choose everyday for at least a year, so you don’t want to mess that up. With social media, it has become easier to find a roommate that you will like, vibe with and be content to spend everyday life with.

The first step that many students take to find their perfect roommate is joining their class Facebook group for the college that they are planning to attend. After being accepted to the group, students will post an introduction. That includes where they are from, what they are majoring in, what their favorite extracurricular activities are, if they are still looking for a roommate or not and often their Instagram or Snapchat usernames so others can get in touch with them quickly and easily. Students also post pictures of themselves so others can see what they look like and decide if they would get along with one another. “I have joined the groups for the colleges that I want to attend, and I posted an introduction. Now, I am waiting to see if I click with anybody,” senior Andre Khoury said.

The second step is to check out other people’s introductions and see if there is anybody you could picture yourself living with. If you find someone interesting, contact them through social media and start to get to know them. According to TeenVogue magazine, it is important to ask the right questions when you find someone you think you will get along with. “It’s important to go beyond a profile picture and the surface level to see if you can actually get along with someone. In your conversations, get a sense of how much a person is going to school to study. How serious are they about academics? How much will they be partying? What’s their sleep schedule like? Don’t just type back and forth about what TV shows and music you like,” an article on the site said.

If you find someone that you truly connect with, that person could very well be your potential college roommate. “I was very lucky and I was able to find a roommate quickly and easily. We get along really nicely and we connected really well,” senior Lucas Previti said.