Danny Does: Joe Knows: Spring sports

Danny Rothenberg, Managing Editor

Hi Joe,

I’m a senior who’s in the middle of a big dilemma.  It’s almost Mar. 1, which is the first day of spring sports.  I’ve played on the boys’ lacrosse team for the past three years, but don’t know if I should play this year.  I mean, the team has been in a rough patch the last couple of seasons, and we know we’re not going to win states or anything.  Practices are tough, at least two hours out of my day, every day, when I could be doing so much other stuff with my time. We have a new coach this year, which could be great, but is it worth it to spend all that time to get to know him just to leave next year?  What do I do? I need some serious help. Time’s creeping up on me.

-An undecided Lax Bro

Well actually this is Danny, not Joe.  Everyone knows that Joe isn’t the only one who knows, right? First off who is this? Jonnie? No he’s moved onto basketball, he’s no longer a lax bro.  Eh it doesn’t matter, whoever you are I’m here to help.

Anyway, don’t worry, I too, have been in this same exact position, for the same exact sport.  It may seem worrisome knowing that you are locked into hours of practices and bus rides after school until May, but who cares.  What, do you really want to miss out on all of those fun practices running back and forth to be working on your homework for your second period teacher? And if not your homework, then what else would you be doing after school everyday? Playing Fortnite? Oh sorry, or is it Apex Legends now?  But seriously getting some exercise after school isn’t the worst thing in the world. I know I’ll be getting my spring break body ready through lacrosse practices.

As for the coaching change, coaches come and go.  Realistically, can he really be that much worse than last year’s coach?  I mean, you can always sit out this season if you’re not entirely sure about this coach.

There’s always next year right? Oh wait, there isn’t.

Oh, and your point about knowing the team won’t win states this year: Yeah you’re right the team probably won’t win. Boo hoo, we’ll have to join the exclusive club along with 100 other schools in the state who didn’t win the championship.  Is going out and giving it your all to beat Churchill not enough for you? C’mon now. Honestly at the end of the day, winning isn’t everything. Like if you knew you weren’t going to get an A on your upcoming math test would you just never take the test and take the zero?

While the team has been in a rough patch the past couple of years that is just part of the season, challenging yourselves to get the team back to where it could be.  Maybe this will help you: Think of yourself as LeBron James, except with less money and athletic ability. He joined the Lakers for a challenge, to bring them where they could be, and to try (key word try) to take down the Warriors.  He knows deep down he isn’t going to do it.  But he’s giving it his all anyway.

I hoped I’ve helped you with your decision.  If it was my decision to make, I’d say go for it.  It’ll be your last chance to go out with your friends, make some memories, and play a sport you enjoy.  The season may not end with a state championship, but it can still be a really great time.