How to make the most of your summer


As the end of the year approaches, anticipation of the upcoming summer months is on the top of all students’ minds. Fun things to do in the summer include an assortment of relaxing, entertaining and exciting activities.
Great Falls is a common place to go in the summer. It includes three trails, along with places to kayak and canoe. The renowned Billy Goat Trail is home to a variety of wildlife including butterflies and birds. It also provides a good spot for outdoor activities where students can enjoy quality time with friends. “I love going there, it brings a lot of fun, and the challenge keeps me going,” sophomore Daniel Rudden said.
Another fun summer activity is going to the pool. Around Montgomery County, there are pools located in almost every neighborhood. Many families belong to their neighborhood pools, and guest passes are provided to members so they can bring their friends to the pool with them. Also, some students have pools in their backyards and they invite friends to come swim with them.
Spending the day at an amusement park with friends or family is another common activity students participate in. Local amusement parks include Six Flags and Kings Dominion. Students can enjoy a full day of rollercoasters, while eating their favorite ice cream. Students also go in groups, and have fun with 10 people or even more. “Six Flags has a lot of rollercoasters and is an amazing place to have fun for a day,” freshman Michael Oyekola said.
The summer heat also prompts students to get shaved ice or ice cream. Sprinkles and Carmens are two common hang out spots during the summer.
Across the Bay Bridge, students spend time relaxing at the beach, tanning and even surfing. Some families own beach houses while others rent houses, condos or stay in hotels. Bethany Beach, Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City are three of the most common summer vacation spots for students in the area since they’re only two to three hours away. “I love spending quality time with my friends at the beach. Riding the waves is an awesome experience,” freshman Wyland On said.
Much closer but just as fun, is the plethora of movies coming out. One new movie is about a mother trying to save her daughter called Breaking In. Another popular movie coming out is Life of the Party, a comedy about blazing new frontiers in helicopter parenting. These movies are all around, but the most common theaters are Arclight Theater and Regal Cinema Theater. “I am excited to see all of these new movies,” sophomore Andrew Misovec said.
Summer is only a week away. Plan wisely and have a wonderful summer.