Students lack spirit week excitement, participation


Does our school lack spirit? Why is it that at other schools, everyone is so spirited but at our school, students look at you weird if you dress up for spirit week?

My first year here I remember seeing people decked out in red white and blue and hundreds of students wearing Hawaiian shirts for tacky tourist day. But now, if you take a look around the school during spirit week, hardly anybody dresses up- you can’t even tell that it’s spirit week.

A big problem that has contributed to the school’s lack of spirit is how spirit week is advertised.

The majority of students simply don’t dress up for spirit week because they are unaware of it. If SGA can advertise spirit weeks better by mentioning it on the announcements weeks in advance and putting up more posters, it could help increase the number of students participating. “I literally didn’t even know that it was spirit week two weeks ago. Nobody dressed up and I didn’t even hear about it till I was in class. Even though dressing up for spirit week isn’t really my thing, I would still participate for a day or two if I knew about it ahead of time,” freshman Nick Men said.

Spirit week should be a fun opportunity for students to dress up and try to make school more exciting. School may not be every student’s favorite place to be but if students start participating in more events and spirit weeks, it can make school more bearable and seem less like a chore.

At other schools, students seem to have a lot more spirit, they are more involved in school events and do the most to dress up for spirit week. Our school’s lack of spirit makes us seem boring. School doesn’t have to just be a place for learning and workin;, it can be transformed into a more enticing environment for students to have a little fun as well. To make school more exciting, more students need to participate in spirit weeks and other events. “Compared to other schools, Wootton needs to be more spirited and involved. Even though this is my last year at the school, I hope that the future grades will be able to improve Wootton’s lack of school spirit,” senior Brittany Griffin said.

It’s sad that the school’s student majority doesn’t participate in spirit weeks and it’s even more sad how students don’t understand the concept of school spirit and think that students who dress up for spirit week are weird. “I tried to show some school spirit and dress up for Tie-Dye Tuesday and an underclassmen told me I looked like I was dressed like a sixth grader,” junior Carly Ross said.
For the next spirit week, whether it’s during this school year or next year, students should all dress up and participate. Spirit weeks should be advertised with posters all around the school in advance so students know when it is and how to participate for each day.

Amy Weintraub

Staff Writer