To all students who do not participate in spirit week


To all students who do not participate in spirit week,
There is nothing to say other than that you should reevaluate your life.
You had one job. Only twice a year, students are kindly asked by SGA to have school spirit and dress up according to the designated theme each day. Not only have you been reminded due to the abundance of posters on the walls, but they were announced every morning for the past week.
Do you hate your mom? Do you put milk in your bowl before pouring cereal? What is wrong with you?
Some students take this week to the maximum level; they twin with friends and have late night runs to Party City. But some students don’t.
“It took SGA a lot of work and time to come up with all of these themes for spirit week, it hurts to see when students aren’t participating,” junior Zack Lechner said.
I will never understand the purpose of not participating. Whether you may be embarrassed of what you will look like, or scared that people will judge you for having fun and participating in school spirit, I say you should just forget the haters and move on with your life.
Dressing up for spirit week is a tradition that has been practiced for, well, forever. The purpose of spirit week is to get everyone pumped up for homecoming or other school activities. So therefore, students who don’t dress up do not want to get excited for these events.
In my math class, I noticed that around half the class was wearing tropical clothing on Tuesday. Only four boys had dressed up. However on Friday, only six students were not wearing their class colors. Based on these results, Students tend participate in spirit week when the themes are less complex.
“I did the easier spirit days like pajamas but the days like tropical Tuesday I just didn’t have the clothes for,” senior Shannon Welty said.
If everybody participated in each day by decking out with spirit, our community would become closer and more spirited in general. Spirit week is supposed to be for fun, not a chore. If students were to prepare for the week in advance and all participate, positive vibes would be created in the community allowing more spirit at football games and during school sponsored activities like POTH.
One more spirit week will occur later this school year. Redeem yourself. Don’t let down your family. Don’t set yourself up for more hate than you are currently receiving.
Someone who loves Spirit Week


Jordyn Taylor

Commons Editor