Building sector holds mystery


Across the hall from room 145 lies a row of lockers that stretch down the hallway left and right. Round the corner and one will find more wall, gilded dark blue with more lockers. Turn left again, and be faced with more walls, covered with commemorative bricks and team photos. Keep walking toward the courtyard and walk through only to see a brick wall to the immediate left. Leave the courtyard and the journey has come full-circle: a large, rectangular section of the school walled off on all sides. No classrooms or hallways go in it, no windows peer into its sealed off contents.

In this corner of the school lie multiple classrooms worth of space that cannot be entered. In a survey of 100 students who were asked if they knew what was inside the area, every single student was not sure, although they did have some speculations. “I think it’s an underground club for the teachers,” senior Max Ramsay said. “It’s the next level where all the gossip happens.”

Perhaps secret teacher parties are why there are no classes within the mysterious walls, however, junior Sophia Kram believes the underlying reason is more sinister. “I think it’s a burial ground and there are dead bodies there, which is why there are no classes.”
Dead bodies, ghosts, grime and decay, all may be only feet away from students in the hallway. Maybe the science department stores its very real, lifelike cadavers in the area.

Spanish teacher Meredith Lange has taught in one of the hallways across from the area in question for years and currently teaches classes in room 145. “I never really thought about it,” Lange said. “It probably has more lockers, more teaching areas… or ghosts.”
The possibilities for what lurks beyond the sealed walls are endless. Perhaps during the construction of the school, the builders forgot to account for the area and ended up bricking in a box with nothing in it. Maybe, the area is a secret teacher lounge, which can only be entered via a secret passage. Possibly dead bodies line the walls, remnants of a time when teachers savagely beat their students and hid them there to conceal their crimes.

After some looking into the matter, the area is revealed to be none other than the upper portion of the lower gym protruding from underground. The contents of the rectangle are nothing more than the rafters of the lower gym and some air. Although the true identity of what lies within the area is not very exciting, it does provide an answer to something not commonly known. Who knows, maybe there are ghosts of former gym students in the rafters as well.


Aaron Levine

Managing Editor