Ins, outs of Patriot Ambassadors


Patriot Ambassadors, one of the most popular clubs, is opening up to new members.
To be a Patriot Ambassador, completing an application with a resume is necessary. Students can either get an application from the office, or be recommended by one of their teachers. If a student gets recommended, a current Ambassador will bring the application to them and explain the reasons they should fill it out and apply for the position. Being a Patriot Ambassador has a number of perks, but also situations where someone might have to go out of their comfort zone.
The application is fairly short and easy, as it consists of a few questions to answer about yourself and what skills and characteristics a good leader might have. The application has five total questions to answer, but is lengthy. “The application took me about 30 to 45 minutes. It wasn’t hard or long, but you had to thoroughly answer the questions,” sophomore Ben Stoller said.
Once you have turned in your application, the sponsors of Patriot Ambassadors will review it and make a decision if they will interview you. Once you’re selected for an interview and you have found a time, you will meet the Ambassador sponsors, and be asked a few questions. The questions are based on leadership and the general area of helping people. After the interview, the sponsors will review your application again and talk about the interview, deciding whether you will be accepted into Patriot Ambassadors. “The process was really easy, but a little stressful after the interview,” sophomore Zoe Weiss said.
Being a Patriot Ambassador also has several perks. If you are an Ambassador, you will be talking to people and showing them around. Talking in front of these kids will help you improve leadership skills. Another upside of being a Patriot Ambassador is you can put it on your college application. Ambassadors promote leadership, unity, and confidence, so being one will help improve your leadership skills. In addition, if you’re an Ambassador, you will be doing public speaking, and the more you do it, the more comfortable you will be doing it in the future. Being able to speak in front of a crowd is an important skill to have. “Being an Ambassador definitely helped improve my leadership skills, public speaking ability, confidence, and more,” senior Will Quam said.
Being a Patriot Ambassador is on opportunity to improve many skills someone will need later in life, meet new people, and help others.

Aaron Strauss

Staff Writer