Earbuds essential for students


Earbuds have become an essential item for students. Students are wearing them in class as well as in the hallways. Students wear them to avoid people or to jamming out to their favorite song.
Earbuds can range from $5 to hundreds and hundreds of dollars. What makes them great is the quality of the sound and comfort.
According to the Huffington Post wearing earbuds for too long can cause hearing damage. Like anything else in the world there are pros and cons of earbuds.
Some of the pros of having earbuds are that some people do not like to be bothered by other people, and earbuds are a way to avoid others when someone has both of their earbuds in, it is usually a sign that they do not want to be bothered.
Others use their earbuds to get them pumped or feeling better when they are having a bad day. Music is a way to change one’s mood and can help students get through the day. They either listen to their music in class or when they are in the hallways going to their next class. “When I am having a bad day, I listen to my favorite songs to get me feeling pumped for my next class and day,” junior Jek Seo said.
When students are doing independent work in class, earbuds can be helpful in keeping the class quiet. Rather than talking to their friends, students can focus on their work and listen to music at the same time. This can help students complete their work.
Not all students use earbuds to listen to music. Some students like to watch videos, on Netflix and YouTube during lunch. They like to catch up on shows and videos that they missed out on. “Whenever I do not get to finish a movie or an episode the night before, I like to finish or catch up on the videos during lunch,” sophomore Justin Shim said.
But there are also cons to earbuds. Earbuds can be a distraction in class when a teacher is trying to teach a lesson. If a student has earbuds in during a class and is listening to music, the music can distract them from the lesson and the notes. It can also distract them from completing their assignments in class. “I think if students are listening to music during a lecture, it can be a distraction because they have no idea of what is going on. But if they listen to music during independent work, I think it is fine as long as they can concentrate,” English teacher Catherine Boswell said.


Eric Lee

Staff Writer