How to achieve extracurricular excellence


Enticing posters on neon backdrops draw students’ eyes in a thousand directions at once. Friendly voices surround them on all sides, beckoning them to get involved in extracurriculars. They wander like pirates at sea, stealing any opportunity to snatch precious treasures: new friends, resumé boosters and perhaps even a lifelong passion. The Activity Fair is upon us. With so many clubs available, this quiz might just lead you in the right direction.

1. What are your favorite classes so far?
a. Classes where I get to participate in or better understand teamwork, like psychology and basketball
b. Classes that inspire my curiosity about how the natural and synthetic world works, like matter and energy or calculus
c. Classes where I can geek out about politics and share my opinions, like global issues and comparative government
d. Classes that make me feel more cultured and alive, like musical theater and literature
e. Classes where I become empowered to change the world, like environmental science and journalism

2. When the air conditioning wasn’t functioning during the first few days of school, how did you react?
a. Trying to stay positive and keeping up with the updates from administration
b. Wondering how to invent a more efficient AC system for the school
c. Going on an impassioned tirade about how keeping students here is illegal or a health hazard
d. Composing a poem in your head likening your classroom to Dante’s Inferno
e. Offering your classmates sips from your water bottle or folders to fan themselves with

3. What are you currently binge-watching on Netflix?
a. Friends
b. Breaking Bad
c. Scandal
d. Jane the Virgin
e. Parks and Rec

4. Which classic song could also serve as the title of your future biography?
a. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana
b. “Space Oddity” by David Bowie
c. “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen
d. “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac
e. “Imagine” by John Lennon

If you picked mostly a’s… you should join Class Planning or BBQ Club. You work best when you’re surrounded by an outgoing, like-minded squad, and your school spirit is unmatched. In Class Planning, you’ll be budgeting money, planning lively activities for your classmates and making important decisions with people who will become your best friends. In BBQ Club, you’ll be hyping up in a signature red shirt by the grill before football games and cheering for the Patriots.
If you picked mostly b’s… you should join Mathletes or Cross-Age Teaching of Science (CATS). You’re brimming with potential for innovation, and you might be considering going into a career in a science or math-related field. In Mathletes, you’ll be competing on the school’s prestigious team to win competitions and flaunt your math skills. In CATS, you’ll be bolstering your leadership skills by demonstrating science experiments for young students in elementary schools.
If you picked mostly c’s… you should join Model United Nations (MUN) or Debate Team. You’re politically involved, passionately opinionated, and probably following every detail of the 2016 Presidential Election on the edge of your seat. In MUN, you’ll be training in public speaking and foreign policy and competing in high-profile diplomacy competitions. On Debate Team, you’ll improve your writing, argumentation and presentation skills while boosting your leadership.
If you picked mostly d’s… you should join Drama Club or Literary Magazine. You aspire to be a future Ralph Waldo Emerson or Maya Angelou, and you’re always the first to volunteer to act out one of Shakespeare’s scenes in English class. In Drama Club, you’ll be acting out goofy improvisation exercises and traveling to see musicals and plays with your friends. In Literary Magazine, you’ll be compiling amazing works of literature into a finished product and organizing Coffeehouse.
If you picked mostly e’s… you should join Environmental Squad or ELEVATE. You have a kind and charitable heart, and with hundreds of SSL hours under your belt, you’re self-motivated to create a legendary change in the world. In Environmental Squad, you’ll be leading the school in efforts to protect your natural surroundings and live sustainably. In ELEVATE, you’ll be getting involved in grassroots community service and participating in social campaigns like Sources of Strength.


Rachel Altman