Valentine’s Day: Single Celebrations


Two people meet on a bridge in the cold night of February, greeting with warm hugs and kisses. The gentleman reaches behind him and hands the lady a heart shaped box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers with an envelope attached. The lady opens the envelope, which reveals a pink card. She flips open the card with words of “Happy Valentine’s Day.” inscribed in gold cursive.
Valentine’s day is the day that celebrates the love between two people. However, not everyone in the world is either dating or married. This leaves the people who are not involved with a holiday that does not apply to them. These people who are estranged on this holiday do have their own way of enjoying their time on this February holiday.

First, an individual should not sulk in the pains and embarrassment of being “that” person in a friend group that doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. When a person reaches this depressive state, sulking will only make their lives more miserable.

Instead of sulking when someone doesn’t have a significant other, people should enjoy this time in the ways they can by finding something enjoyable and fun to do when they are single. These could be either be group hangouts or personal relaxation.
Group hangouts could be something as large as a party to even something small as a three or four friends going to the movies together. When people have other people to spend time with, they forget about what the holiday is really about and can just focus on what they are doing at the time and enjoy themselves.

Personal relaxation could be something such as playing video games to working out. When someone is spending their time on themselves, they can do what they want and how they want. Freedom is a great way to relieve stress and have fun.
“Most of the time, I just sleep,” senior Adrian Guerra said.

During this time, it is a great way to catch up on some “Z’s” when students are spending time to study for RQA’s and all their classes.

Student’s don’t even celebrate Valentine’s day because the holiday does not hold any significance for those that are not romantically involved. “`Because I am single, I literally do nothing,” junior James Choi said.

Other students also agree with this statement because this holiday do not apply to them. “Valentines is not an important holiday,” senior Rachifa Gado said.

This leads to the issue regarding the holiday: Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day is important to those that are romantically involved and have a reason to celebrate the holiday. Valentine’s day is not important for the people that do not have a significant other. It’s a holiday dilemma. The student body who are not dating find the holiday completely unnecessary and almost forget the holiday even exists. “Valentine’s day is for commercial purposes,” senior Estelle Casper said.

Valentine’s day is known to be a day where couples spend time and money on each other but in the reality, the holiday is less relevant than what people think.


Satoshi Sato

Staff Writer