Kick back, relax, treat yourself to finest Cheeburger Cheeburger milkshakes


Brent London

If you have ever tried a milkshake, you know the amazing taste that a milkshake has. The mixing of ice cream and whatever topping you choose is a drink no one can live without. At Fallsgrove shopping center, they are known for their amazing burgers as well as their amazing milkshakes. Here are a few of the best flavors that I love at Cheeeberger Cheeberger.

Oreo– Oreo always seems to be among the popular flavors of ice cream or milkshakes no matter where you go. Whether it’s cookies and cream ice cream or just a simple Oreo milkshake, people can’t seem to get enough of the taste of Oreo. “At every milkshake place I go to, Oreo is always the go-to flavor. I always get no matter where I am and I love it every time,” senior Humza Mouhouddin said.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup– If you learn anything from this article, it is that candy flavors are the best milkshake flavors. The ice cream and the candy mix so well, making for a really great peanut butter and vanilla twist. “Also they put extra Reese’s Cups, Snickers, you name it. So obviously I love the Reese’s Cup milkshake,” senior Justin Slud said.

Birthday cake– This one sounds gross to some people but I love the taste of birthday cake. I love the mix of the rainbow sprinkles and the vanilla ice cream. They top it off with rainbow sprinkles to give it that extra birthday cake look.

S’mores– I don’t know about you but I love to eat S’mores every chance that I get, so I figured I would try it as a milkshake also. They top off the milkshake with graham cracker pieces and marshmallows and whipped cream. “I was a little skeptical of the s’mores milkshake when I first saw it on the menu but after I tried it, it became my favorite milkshake at Cheeberger,” junior Ethan Kach said.

Strawberry– Sometimes you need to go back to a classic. Every once in awhile, I’m not feeling all the crazy toppings in my shake. Whenever that happens I always turn to the strawberry milkshake. For all of you strawberry lovers, they put strawberry sauce as well as ice cream into the shake, giving it an extra strawberry taste.

If have never been to Cheeberger Cheeberger, you should go. If none of these descriptions of milkshakes persuaded you to go, ask your friends, because I guarantee that your friends love Cheeberger’s milkshakes as much as I do.


Drew Shrager

Staff Writer