Fantasy football uniting and dividing students

Fantasy football is an activity which has taken students everywhere by storm.  Every year, people from all over draft players to their teams, creating a lineup where each week they play other teams in their league, and whichever team has the players who perform better get the win for the week.  Lots of people view fantasy football as a great thing to do with their friends as it brings along a competitive aspect to football.  For students who love the sport of football, they feel that fantasy football is a way to express their knowledge and love for the sport as they fantasy football is a way for students to show their knowledge of football and for people to have a friendly competition to show who knows more about football.


Jason Eisen, a senior, was losing by 18.95 point entering Monday Night Football.  He had his quarterback left, Matt Ryan on the Atlanta Falcons.  The game was good early as it was looking bright for Eisen.  In the third quarter, Matt Ryan tossed his second touchdown of the game, leaving Eisen down by two points with 20 minutes left in the game.  Jason felt he had the victory under his belt at that point.  The problem was, the Falcons were leading for the majority of the game, meaning that they ran the ball with their running back a bunch, so Matt Ryan didn’t get that many points the rest of the way.  With about 3 min left, Ryan tossed a 30 yard pass to the Falcons best receiver Julio Jones, giving Jason a .1 point lead.  The Seahawks then got the ball back with about 40 sec left.  They drove the length of the field and got themselves in position for a field goal to tie the game but he missed.  So with four seconds left, matt Ryan came out to kneel the ball to end the game.  A kneel, however counts as a loss of 1 yard for a player meaning Eisen lost .1 points, which means the game ended as a tie.  “ I remember going to bed after I was leading and expected to see my record have another win on it, but when I woke up, I was shocked to see how the game ended in a tie.  That game is the reason I didn’t make the playoffs,” Eisen said.


Daniel Philipose, another senior, was losing by 7.15 points also on Monday Night Football.  He had the Cowboys Running back Darren McFadden.  Mcfadden, had two early fumbles and was pulled out of the game for about three quarters, putting his total at -3 through three quarters.  Philipose l thought his game was over.  He stayed up though, as the game was entertaining.  Then at the start of the fourth quarter, he saw Mcfadden run back onto the field and into the huddle.  Daniel was still certain that he lost the game.  But then, with one min and 19 seconds left in the game, Mcfadden broke off a run of 6 yards and took it into the end zone, securing himl the win.  “I for sure thought I lost.  But when I saw Mcfadden get into the end zone, I got so hyped because I knew I won at that point,” senior Daniel Philipose said.


For both of these students, they play Fantasy football is to be better than their friends.  They love the competition aspect of it and the thrill when they get the win.


Drew Schrager

Staff Writer