Chris Gardner visits

Chris Gardner, author of The Pursuit of Happyness, visited and spoke about his life and experiences last Thursday. Many students watched the movie adaptation of Gardner’s book, starring Will Smith, in preparation.

As a child, Gardner was surrounded by domestic abuse, alcoholism, and poverty. He grew up to serve in the US Navy and temporarily faced homelessness while caring for his infant child. By seizing opportunities and persevering, Gardner became a stockbroker and eventually CEO of his own brokerage firm. Now he works in philanthropy and motivational speaking.

As part of his Back 2 High School program, Gardner delivered a speech here. “I talk about the importance of having a plan, and not just any plan, but what is Plan A? And the best Plan A’s all have something I call the C5 complex. Your plan must be clear, concise, compelling, consistent and committed. You’ve got to have a Plan A,” Gardner said.
After the speech, Gardner answered questions from the crowd and offered his business card and help to multiple students, asking about their passions.

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