Student Trump supporters stay hidden in fear of hatred

With the recent election, people have been reacting in two ways: some have been proudly announcing that they are a Trump supporter while others have been quiet about who they support. At this school, in a liberal area, students and teachers have mixed feeling about “coming out” as a Trump supporter.
Some students do not like to tell other people that they support Trump because they feel like they would be judged.
One anonymous sophomore is scared about coming out as a Trump supporter because he thinks that he would have a hard time with other students while discussing politics. He supports Trump because he likes some of his policies and thinks that he can make a great president despite the hatred Trump has shown toward many groups. He also likes Trump because he thinks Trump will actually try to accomplish something rather than dragging things out. He has asked to remain anonymous because he does not want other people knowing that he supports Trump because he thinks he will be harassed or judged by other students.
Another sophomore student says he is not scared of his close friends knowing but is scared of other kids at the school knowing that he is a Trump supporter. He does not mind his friends knowing because he knows that his friends will not judge him because of his political

views. He feels like he will be judged by other kids at the school if they found out. He has recently become a Trump supporter because Trump won the election. He thinks anyone who is elected president should get a chance to prove themselves in office. He also thinks Trump will not be able to do some extreme things he said he would do. He does say he thinks Trump is stupid for not thinking that global warming is not real.
While some students do not want others to know that they support Trump, other are proud to express their political views, including their support for Trump.
Junior Navid Kaviani has been a proud Trump supporter from the start of the election process. He has never been the one to be afraid of telling people that he likes and supports Trump. He says he did not like the other candidates who were running for the Republican party and turned Trump when he found out that he was running. He likes Trump because of some of the things Trump said he was going to do when he became president. He also like Trump’s policies and views. He will argue with anyone who hates on Trump citing the reasons why Trump will make a great president and how he is going to help people. He says he has not been intimidated by others knowing he is a Trump supporter because he knows he will argue until they stop.


Eric Lee

Staff Writer

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