Spirit week brings new themes


The one time during the school year where students are encouraged to dress wacky and ridiculous for different themes decided by the SGA is spirit week.

The SGA hosted spirit week Oct. 9-13, having voted on the different themes for each day. This year the themes were Meme Monday, Toga Tuesday, ‘80s Workout Wednesday, Tropical Tourist Thursday, and Class Color Day. The SGA gives students tickets if they participate, and they can enter a raffle to win prizes. “Spirit week gives students a chance to show off their school spirit,” SGA adviser Nia Cresham said.

Meme Monday consisted of students dressing up as their favorite memes. This idea came from junior Hunter Band of the SGA because of the rapidly increasing trend in memes over the past year. Students could be seen dressed as memes such as grumpy cat, success kid, scumbag and Pepe the Frog. “I dressed up as Pepe the Frog because people say I remind them of him,” junior Jared Rabin said.

A new addition to spirit week, Toga Tuesday was popular. During Toga Tuesday students dressed up in their favorite togas to show off their school spirit and embrace ancient world culture. “Me and my friends decided to wear togas to school because it was fun,” junior Alex Cohen said.

Workout Wednesday was a flashback to the 1980s as students came to school wearing clothes from that decade. Students came to school dressed as important musicians from the ‘80s such as Prince and Michael Jackson. There was confusion on whether Thursday was ‘80s themed or workout themed, so students decided to dress up wearing workout clothes while maintaining an ‘80s theme.

On Thursday, students came to school dressed as if they were in Hawaii. On Tropical Tourist Thursday students wore Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts. Some wore a Hawaiian necklace, called a lei. Tropical Tourist Thursday has been a past spirit day theme and SGA decided to do it again because of its popularity. “Tropical Tourist Thursday is my favorite day of all of spirit week and is probably the most fun,” junior Phoebe McCann said.

Friday was Class Color day where students wore their assigned colors for their class. As usual, freshmen wore red, sophomores wore white, juniors wore blue, and seniors wore red, white, and blue. The pep rally on Class Color day finished spirit week off with a strong demonstration of school spirit. “Spirit week enabled students to demonstrate their school spirit in a safe and fun way,” Cresham said.


Jonnie Voyta

News Editor