Club expo fuels passions


Sarah Fagan

Students hustle around carrying large tri-fold posters, metal tables screech against shiny floors, candy-filled bowls are placed on some tables, white sign-up sheets are ready to be filled: it is that time of the year again.

The annual activity expo is an opportunity for freshmen to find a place here and become a part of the community. It is also a chance for sophomores, juniors and seniors to have new experiences and discover undiscovered passions. With a wide variety of clubs and activities to choose from, students are bound to find one that sparks their interest at the annual club expo.

The club expo was held in the main gym this year unlike the previous years where it was in the Commons. The club expo was supposed to begin 10 minutes after lunch began but most people were not aware of that. With clubs trying to find their assigned table, and students coming in to sign up for clubs already, the gym was hectic initially. There was a shortage of tables so some clubs did not have a table to put their poster on. After 15 minutes into lunch however, students calmed down and the expo became more orderly.

The Patriot Ambassadors were in charge of putting the club expo together. Patriot Ambassadors were at the expo the entire time walking around and assisting club representatives to help make the event go smoothly. Hours of preparation was also put into making this event a success. Patriot Ambassadors were expected to leave their fourth period class 10 minutes early prior to lunch in order to set up and label each table with the designated clubs. They also had to stay after the expo to clean up and put all the tables away.

Senior Lulu Duan is an intern for Patriot Ambassadors. She was put in charge of writing down the names of all the clubs that signed up and making labels for each. “I helped people find their table and get their booth all ready,” Duan said. “I also had to make sure all clubs signed in so they are accounted for.”

The club expo is the best way for new clubs to get the most exposure in a short amount of time. Junior Mina Senthil is the co-president of a new United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign chapter called Girl Up. Girl Up raises awareness and funds for girls living in places where it is hardest to be a girl. “I came to the club expo to promote Girl Up. I didn’t sign up for any other club because I already signed up for all the clubs I wanted to be in at the freshman picnic,” Senthil said. “People were very curious about Girl Up and I am excited to participate in the club expo next year too.”

Regardless of what grade students are in, everyone still likes to go to the club expo to see what is going on. Junior Noah Reiser went to the club expo to sign up specifically for Physics Club. “Club expos are a great way to enhance the overall high school experience. It was very exciting visiting all the booths and I will definitely be back next year,” Reiser said.


Hannah Ho

Back Page Editor