Sai Mandhan: The most interesting man in Maryland


Photo courtesy Sai Mandhan

A young Sai Mandhan poses with a camel while visiting Australia.

He struts through the halls with an unmatched swagger, averages 5.6 handshakes per hallway transition time, takes notes in every single class including a capella, and does it all while standing at five feet and six inches. The name Sai Mandhan gets whispered among the halls all day and for good reason, as the honcho has become the talk of the town. 

Junior Sai Mandhan is the most interesting student in Montgomery County with his laundry lists of talents and passions reigning supreme. Mandhan’s main love is a cappella and the talented singer credits his success to his parents and work ethic. “My pops believed in me when nobody else did and I’m going to remember that because he helped to motivate day in and day out and perfect my craft. I think now my confidence has improved and I enjoy singing even more now that I can help the team,” Mandhan said.

Mandhan goes out of his way in the hallways to greet others and shake students’ hands as a way of networking and hospitality. “I treat people with respect because everyone is an asset and they can always provide value and you never know what someone is going through so I just want to be able to make a positive impact on a students’ lives,” Mandhan said.

One of his goals this year is to unite the school community. Sophomore Matthew Cortes said, “I see Sai all the time and bro always daps me up and I greatly appreciate it. I think that to make Wootton a stronger community we should shake everybody’s hands and greet everyone with a smile.” 

Mandhan is president of the Young Investors Society and he said he enjoys running the club and loves to teach the club about investing. “Business is always booming in the club and I think we are one of the best clubs in the entire school because we take care of our members and are well prepared for every meeting,” Mandhan said.

Mandhan is a valuable member of the Dunks for Diabetes club as he holds the role of Back up Junior Assistant to Head of Fundraising Jake Hoffman. “I try to assist Jake Hoff in anything he needs so that his job can be as smooth as possible. A day in my life consists of things like grabbing Jake’s dad’s birthday presents for when he forgets, tutoring him whenever he needs homework help, and assisting him with anything he needs,” Mandhan said.

Junior and head of fundraising Jake Hoffman said, “Last week he got my dad socks for his birthday so I don’t know how much longer he will maintain his position.”

Mandhan will also be the president of the DECA club in the upcoming school year. He has been in the club since freshman year and has made it to the international competition for the past two years. He will be competing in this year’s  international competition in the spring.