TikTok trends are taking over schools


Photo by Jake Konigsberg

Junior Harel Sabag creates a Tik Tok in the hallway.

The viral app TikTok has taken the world by storm in all environments, for better or worse. It has quickly risen to be a social media powerhouse that students and adults alike use.

Currently sitting at number four in the Apple app store’s “Top Apps Right Now,” TikTok is a popular social media app for users of all ages. With over one billion reported users in October, there is content that everyone can enjoy. “There are so many creators on the app that make such different styles of content, I never get bored with it,” junior Harel Sabag said. 

Like all social media, TikTok has developed trends over time, with several  involving schools. From dancing your heart out in the hallways, to stealing random items in schools, the main question that needs to be asked is: Where is the line drawn? “I believe that TikTok trends should be allowed in school to an extent. They are fun, but should not lead to any danger,” junior Gillian Berman said. 

A popular trend with people in school was the “devious lick trend.” People would video themselves stealing items from their school, with the goal being to steal the most outrageous item. The most popular examples were hand sanitizer dispensers and even fire alarms. “The devious lick trend was funny at times, but it went too far really quickly making it not an acceptable thing to do in school,” senior Ellie Metz said. 

Another common trend in school is recording yourself dancing. Students would record themselves dancing and post it on TikTok. Teachers also got involved in this trend as it was generally harmless. “I think dancing in the hallways is a good TikTok trend because it doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s fun,” Berman said. 

Although people may think of TikTok as simply a social media platform, for a lot of people it is a community. TikTok has an algorithm that allows you to watch videos specialized for you, allowing you to connect with people who have similar interests. “I like that I can go onto Tik Tok and see people that like the same things I do because it makes me feel a sense of community,” Sabag said. 

A downside of TikTok is that it is extremely addictive. People want to keep scrolling because they never know what the next post is going to be. People became so addicted to TikTok that when a user uses it for two hours, you get a warning video telling you you’ve been using the app for too long. “Sometimes I lose track of time scrolling through TikToks,” Metz said.